Poland on the way to terminate Istanbul convention

Istanbul convention

Among others, Poland has signed a really significant international document called the “Istanbul Convention” in 2012 and ratified it in 2015. So far it has been adopted by 40 countries all over the world.

Its main aim is to protect victims of domestic violence from complete discrimination and provide them with standard rights. And although it might seem absurd, Poland is the only country in the world that was planning to terminate the Convention.

At the end of July, the Ministry of Justice directed an application of denunciation of it to the minister of family, labor, and social policy. The official reasons were preposterous- a minister of Justice and its supporters were claiming that a Convention is absolutely based on gender ideology.

Although it is not clear what that means, there were more pleas towards it. As one of the right-wing politicians claimed it provides 56 types of cultural-determined sex, which affects, among others badly on children in their early school age.

Partially, for the idea of terminating the Istanbul convention there stands a strong right-conservative organization, well known for its approval for women’s discrimination and complete ban on abortion, no matter the circumstances- Ordo Iuris.

The other accusation which points a negative light on Convention is the fact, that as the minister claims, it threatened a traditional polish family.

The facts are on the contradiction, really more trivial. While the convention pays attention to the fact that violence towards women is not only caused by alcoholism or other pathological, but also basic stereotypes present in each- in that sense polish- culture where male domination is common.

As the ruling right-wing party is strongly conservative, it becomes a guard of traditional issues, such as the Catholic Church and male-dominated politics. This is why there were ideas for terminating the Convention.

As a result, protests all over the country, especially in the biggest cities were initiated. Despite that, the public survey opinion showed over 62% of Polish citizens are against the idea of terminating, while almost 23% don’t have a specific idea about it.

At last, the idea is temporarily suspended, as the government didn’t find it as first priority, but the topic can get back on top in a while.

Hopefully, it will not, as it would be a giant step backward in the sphere of gender equality and equal rights in Poland.

International Domestic Violence Resource Guide (2022)

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